Mick Eggplant's Meteoric DJ Career

I use Mixxx DJ software, which absolutely guarantees that I will be a rich and famous DJ (as in this totally realistic picture), but it doesn't say whether that happens at the first session or second ... maybe even the third?

The 3rd Rock Grid

I am providing my highly quirky music to the sophisticated crowd in the 3rd Rock Grid, which I visit using the free Firestorm viewer. There are many similar alternatives that you may try.

The SHOUTcast stream

I stream the music on a SHOUTcast server channel called The Usual Unusual Suspects hosted by RCAST.

In case I am unable to set the dread tuner ring, or you just prefer to receive the stream outside of a grid viewer, the SHOUTcast stream should be available at these various URLs with different interfaces to suit your taste:

When the SHOUTcast Web page says “Server Status: Server is currently down” it usually just means that nobody is broadcasting yet. When it says “Private” that just seems to mean that it's not publicly advertised. If you select the “Listen” link in the bar near the top, your Web browser may or may not start up a SHOUTcast client, such as Winamp or ITunes or Rhythmbox or Amarok or Audacious or ...

[Poster for DJ Mick's Quirky Music Show]

The not too unreliable schedule

I'm pretty much broadcasting fortnightly, mostly:

Check the 3d Rock Grid event calendar to get the right Wednesdays. (The calendar shows 3d Rock Grid time, which is equal to US Pacific Time, Standard or Daylight depending on the date.) Other Usual Unusual Suspects may broadcast other shows at other times, including DJ Lazuli Pooraka who provides excellent Classic Rock on the Wednesdays that I don't do.