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I'd rather be

Sometimes I write stuff.

I do a fortnightly music stream of quirky musical selections.

I appointed myself President of NorthShore University. “In mente omnis est.”

Tenor ISO small a cappella ensembles

I'm always looking for more singing opportunities, now in Colorado Springs, CO.

I would like to join or start a small serious a cappella group. “Small” essentially means one person to a part. I sing full voice tenor and high falsetto. “Serious” means that we listen intensely and perfect our songs musically---rhythm, pitch, and blend. I care much more about the musical quality of each song than the details of the repertoire and venue.

I have amateur experience since the 1970s in barbershop chorus and quartets, church choirs and solos, madrigals, catches, solo recitals of art songs, Bach Chorale Society, operatic excerpts, Gilbert & Sullivan, community musical productions. I have no conservatory education, but I have a solid understanding of music from early experience as a mediocre viola player in orchestras and quartets. I studied voice privately around 1980, and again 2003-2011. I can keep myself very busy with solo recitals, but I love good ensemble.

I would like to branch out into other forms of contemporary and traditional a cappella music. The more variety, the better. I am addicted to tight blend and focused pitch, and willing to work hard at it. I'll do contests for the good of the group, but I get my kicks from singing well and pleasing an audience.

I have a brief résumé with a list of teachers and groups that I have studied and performed with.

Contact me by e-mail ( with audition opportunities.