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Résumé of Singing Experience

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Live in the heart of music.



Selected Past and Future Gigs


I started recording the Irish Melodies by Thomas Moore.

I recorded my Personal Folk Legacy.

I wondered how Oscar Wilde's "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" would sound as an actual ballad. Here are Parts I and II.

Two ancient (c. 2004) audition recordings:

  1. "Nina" by Legrenzio Vincenzo Ciampi (but often attributed to Pergolesi) from his comic opera "Gli tre cicisbei ridicoli," which premiered at the King's Theatre, London, 1748 (AIFF format, 16,861,042 bytes).

  2. "Countin' Flowers on the Wall" by Lewis DeWitt, Statler Brothers, 1966 (AIFF format, 12,949,222 bytes).

I intend to work up a number of licensed and expired-copyright compositions, solo and multitrack, to post on the Internet Archive. Here's a quick prototype (c. 2005), but not sufficiently musical: looping of a catch.


Speak fluently and sing in
Speak and sing in
English, French
Sing in
Italian, Spanish, German, Latin, Hebrew, Middle French, Scots, Gibberish
I can work out new sounds from the International Phonetic Alphabet.


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